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The Rainmaker Report

"57 Marketing Techniques Proven To Boost Your Bottom Line in 6 Weeks or Less!"

  • Practical advice on what works in direct response marketing.
  • Copywriting techniques proven to boost your marketing campaign results.
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Sometimes, to find the right solution you just need to "step outside of the box"

Oftentimes when others have tried every logical solution to overcome an obstacle with out success you have to approach the challenge differently. Here are a few case studies discussing difficult business situations I have faced and the path I followed to successfully overcome them

Federal Government Case Study

57 marketing secrets proven to boost your bottom line in 6 weeks or less!

Something crucial (and unusual) you must do to every headline in your advertisements before they go to print!

  • The single best offer you can make in your advertisement regardless of what you are selling!
  • 5 deadly mistakes most advertisers make when creating their ads and how to avoid them!
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Boston Boycott Case Study

The Client Development Bible

Discover How You Can Improve Your Relationship with Your Most Valued Clients. When you read this report, you will learn…

  • How to overcome the single most difficult aspect of managing clients.
  • 3 strategies for segmenting clients that will ramp-up your return-on-investment.
  • Why you should develop your clients, not just maintain them
  • How to get more from your clients than just the initial sale! (You’ll be amazed when you learn this!)

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How I Made My Client’s Billions Secrets of a Fortune 100 “Top Gun”

Valuable information you can use to land the clients you really want. This report reveals…

  • The single best way ever discovered to sell anything…and…sell it fast.
  • What question you must ask when you are trying to convince a prospect to buy what you are trying to sell.
  • A dirty little secret your competitors hope you never find out!
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